Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

NEWSFLASH: The Pilgrims drank beer NOT wine for Thanksgiving!

With that statement I just heard the collective gasp of wine snobs everywhere. I can see the people I work with(I work in a wine store)laughing if I were to make such a statement. The fact is: it's true. In fact, we wouldn't even have a Plymouth Rock if it wasn't for beer which means no Thanksgiving as we know it. On his way to Jamestown, Virginia, Pilgrim leader Governor William Bradford wrote in his journal: "We could now not take much time for further search, our victuals being much spent, especially our beer." Hmmm. Not wine, beer. OK, so I concede the fact that we don't have 100% evidence as to what they drank on that day but we can almost surely assume it was beer. Historical records indicate that one of the first things the Plymouth colonies did was start brewing beer. So on Thanksgiving day make sure you're celebrating properly. Drink beer with your meal.


The Beerbuddha

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Good Burp said...

I will drink to that!
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