Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beer and Food

[photo courtesy]

I saw this picture and just had to post it today. This Sunday is the New Orleans Poboy Preservation Festival(yes, New Orleans would be the only town I know to want to preserve a sandwich)and this picture was perfect. To me food pairings are more than just what style beer goes with what food but also should be focused on locale as well. You can't eat a po-boy without a Louisiana made beer. Do you eat crawfish without Dixie or Abita? No, that would be like having pancakes without syrup. Pfith! Who the hell would do something like that? Anyways, enjoy the pic courtesy of The Shameless Carnivore and if you're ever down here in New Orleans make sure you get a po-boy!!

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Mike said...

Oh my does that look delicious. I think I am going to go eat an entire cow tomorrow.