Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great American Beer Diet Challenge: Final Week

Ok, so the final weigh in of the Great American Beer Diet Challenge has arrived. I have had some ups and downs. I started at 290 and I got as low as 272. For the past three weeks I seem to have been stuck at 280 and once again I weighed in today at 280. So, in the end I lost 10 pounds. Not too bad considering I really didn't do as much as I should have. By just cutting certain foods from the diet I was able to lose the weight. Keeping those foods out of my diet is the hard part! There were many times I cheated.

All in all it was a great competition with great results for everyone who participated. Everyone is a winner in this one!! My wife found out that the competition ended today and told me my part doesn't get to end. She was a bit peeved that I haven't exercised at all the entire time so I think I'm in trouble!! Thanks for all the support i received throughout the competition!!


The Beerbuddha

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Chipper Dave said...

Talk about close! You lost 3.45% and I lost 3.64%. So unfortunately I just squeaked it out by 2 tenths of a percentage point! I suffered the same thing during the last 5 weeks. I seemed to hit a wall and didn't get any further. I plan to keep trying during the winter and try to maintain or lose a few more pounds. Good luck in your efforts. Thanks for entering the competition.